“WAYtoGo!”: Methodology for Efficient Report Writing

Do you have a genealogical brick wall? Do you wish to be more efficient with in writing your client reports?  Or, perhaps you are writing a proof argument? You have come to the right place. 

The Seattle Genealogical Society is offering an online course on writing research/client reports/proof arguments as you go, what we call “WAYtoGo!” a method where you combine your research log, research notes and the final product into a single document. This technique makes your writing more efficient and accurate, saving you time and embarrassment.

This is an intermediate/advanced course. This is not about writing creative non-fiction; this is a more of a technical writing course. We will be referring to Genealogy Standards for our writing standards.[1]

The course is 2 sessions of 2 hours/session with a structured consult in-between.

The course sessions are on 14 October and 28 October at 6:00 pm PT. The scheduled consult is 21 October, 6:00 pm PT. The cost is $40 for SGS members and $50 for non-members. There is a class size limit of 30. Sign up by clicking on the sign up tab at the top of home page.

You can find out more about me, your facilitator, at the “About” page.

General Course Outline
1. [This is work you should do BEFORE the first session]
Pre-Session Assignment for FIRST SESSION:

  • identify a “brick wall” ancestor, a client project or a proof  you wish to use as your example for this course.
  • State your single fabulous research question.

2. FIRST SESSION will include introductions; and setting up your WAYtoGo! report with examples.

3. Pre-Assignment for the MID-COURSE CONSULT:
spend approximately ten hours on the report before the consult.

During the intervening week, I am happy to look over what you have done, or discuss with you any problems etc. but the consult period is when I definitely be online.

4. Post Consult week
spend approximately ten hours on the report or start another.

5. SECOND SESSION will include a review of each attendee’s progress, problems and questions.  Perhaps you will have tips to share as well.

6. Post class assignment: devote another 10 hours to the report.

I am still learning the discipline it takes to do WAYtoGo! I lose my way occasionally. But, I love assembling all my evidence in one place about my problem ancestors!

We cannot guarantee you will solve your brick wall or write the perfect client report or proof argument, but you will learn techniques that will bring you closer to solution.

Sign up at the tab at the top. We will run the course no matter how many sign up, but 30 attendees is the max.